Brake Service and Repair

At Jade Auto Service we provide quality brake service and repair at a fair price as part of our complete Minneapolis auto repair services. We proudly employ ASE Certified technicians to service your brakes. Unlike the competition we only sell you the brake parts and brake services that your car actually needs.

Jade Auto Service Minneapolis Brake ServiceBe careful when comparing prices between service facilities. Some places give coupons or specials for car repairs in Minneapolis that are not as good as they appear. Read the fine print of the special and find out the details, then find out what needs to be done on your car before giving your approval for the work. You probably know someone who has gone to an auto repair shop for a “special price” and found out later that little was covered by that price or that the shop cannot warranty the job unless you pay for something else. The right way is for the service shop to provide the complete cost of the repair up front. The best thing to do is find a Minneapolis car repair shop that you can trust. Let us earn your trust.

When you need help making a decision on how much to repair, we will consult with you on the different quality of brakes, the most important parts, and/or services needed immediately. This way you will be able to make informed decisions. Sometimes, however, there may not be any options on how to proceed. The type of pads or shoes for example, may be limited for your car and other parts may be rusted or broken.

The brake system for cars and light trucks include a number of components. The descriptions below are only intended to give you a broad understanding in the simplest terms of the brake system; it is not intended to be a technical guide.


 Brake Pads and Shoes

“Friction Material” The friction material used can be organic, semi-metallic or ceramic, organic is the least expensive and ceramic are the most expensive. Your vehicle may need a specific type of material, but there may be different qualities within each type for you to choose from.

Rotors or Drums

Rotors are what the brake pads press against to stop your car. The pads press on both sides of the rotor like a clamp. Drums serve the same function as rotors except they have shoes which are inside the drum and push out.


This part of the braking system is the power assist. This system includes all of the following:

  • Brake fluid
  • Calipers: Squeeze the pads against the rotors (disk brakes).
  • Wheel cylinders: Push the shoes against the drums.
  • Master cylinders: Holds the brake fluid and pushes fluid to the caliper or wheel cylinders to grip the rotor or drum when the brake pedal is pushed.


Carry the brake fluid from the master cylinder to the calipers and wheel cylinders.

Anti-lock brakes

This is an additional system that pumps your brakes when the wheels slip on wet, icy or sandy roads. The system includes a central pump and sensors at each wheel to sense slippage.


Springs, bolts, and gaskets that may wear over time.

Parking Brake

When the brake is set a cable pulls the pads or shoes against the rotors or drums on the back wheels. If your brakes work, but your parking brake does not, the cable needs to be replaced.


Minneapolis Auto Repair

Jade Auto Service provides a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty on all repairs so make us your first choice for auto repair and maintenance.